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UX Flow reinvented

Flowchart kit for Sketch/Figma

Fully customizable and scalable vector elements with 3 pre-defined color themes for creating fast sitemaps and wireframes.


Fully customizable

All the layers in the project are separate, so you can change the colors or the size easily. Also all the elements are grouped in Symbols/Components for quick changes and building sitemaps.

Scalable elements and arrows

The elements have smart connectors so you can change the width and height of them freely without any distortions.
They may have any width or height you prefer.

Sitemaps created in minutes

By dragging and dropping cards, arrows, notes, tags and other elements you can build professionally looking sitemaps really fast to impress your clients or teammates.

3 pre-defined color themes

Start planning

Perfect tool for web designers, web developers, project managers and Sketch/Figma app lovers who wants to build their sitemaps without spending hours on the process.